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What’s wrong with this picture?

It was, if I remember correctly, a scene that played out for real on the morning that I was officially offered a better full-time job almost two weeks ago. There I was — flying pretty high after getting word by … Continue reading

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A shooting spree in Connecticut, a nation in mourning

Another mass shooting, with 26 people gunned down. Really? Twenty of those victims were children, ages 5-10. Can it be possible?  Is it really possible?  Have we as members of the human race become that numb to the senselessness of … Continue reading

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Our “Cinderella,” the heroine

I’m proud of all our children for various reasons.  Our 13-year-old daughter Alicia — our “Cinderella” — gave us good reason to be proud of her on Sunday. Alicia had stayed overnight at a good friend’s house Saturday and went … Continue reading

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In search of America for Memorial Day — Part 3 of 4

There was a story that smacked me right in the face over the last few days. Three children were found — abandoned, all of them 3 years old or younger — at a “vacant residence” in Portland, Oregon, on Thursday … Continue reading

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The two mothers in my life

There are two mothers in my life.  There’s the woman who gave birth to me — my mother, Betty, up in Salmon, Idaho — a bit more than 51 years ago; and there’s my lovely wife, Amy, who gave birth … Continue reading

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Lessons from a father to a son on his 19th birthday

My youngest son Grant is celebrating his 19th birthday today.  I’m pretty proud of the guy, he’s a good young man — tries to be as honest as he can be, as loyal a friend as anyone could want, kind … Continue reading

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The power of music

A friend and I were talking a few weeks ago about a mutual experience — the birth of our first child. I described how, back in 1991 on the afternoon that my son Curtis was born, I was driving around … Continue reading

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