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East (Coast) vs. West (Coast) for Trayvon Martin

Sanford, Florida, is a long way from Hayward, California — an entire nation away.  Maybe around 3,000 miles apart.  Yet, oddly enough, the two merged in a way for a moment in time Saturday. In Florida, 29-year-old neighborhood watch captain … Continue reading

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On gay marriage, Scott Walker, and shooting at Trayvon …

Going to web programming classes every day for a while has a way of breaking up any commentary on or ability to keep up with current events from me, so I’ll take a few quick jabs at a few things … Continue reading

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What April 4 means to me now

As usual, the meaning behind April 4 to me has to do with the lyrics of a song. “Early morning, April 4/Shot rings out in the Memphis sky/Free at last, they took your life/They could not take your pride …”  … Continue reading

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A not-so-great video of George Zimmerman, but …

Okay, so the video of George Zimmerman being taken out of a police car and being led into the police station after he admittedly shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin to death in Sanford, Florida — a video that was released for … Continue reading

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Joe Oliver, who for art thou if not for George Zimmerman?

I miss having satellite TV.  When I still had a full-time job, it was actually the only real form of “luxury” my family had.  Once I lost my job five months ago, that luxury ended — and it ended quickly … Continue reading

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Lessons to be learned in the Trayvon Martin case … that probably won’t be learned

The killing of young Trayvon Martin in Florida last month is a national tragedy that deserves and demands attention and discussion. It’s tragic that a 17-year-old boy could be shot and killed by a Neighborhood Watch captain like George Zimmerman.  … Continue reading

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