Following up on “Aspirations”

Again, there was a point in time last night when I woke up in the middle of the night and had a hard time getting back to sleep.  Too many things to think about.

Was I making too much of the phone call from the talent agency on Saturday?  Was it just a courtesy call?  Was I making a big thing out of nothing?  Was I setting myself up for a big mood fall?  Where in the world is my life heading?

I dropped my daughter off at school and headed back home this morning.  Not long after I got on I-215 heading west, I got a call on my cell phone from my old college roommate and long-lost friend Baron Chase in the San Francisco area.

San Francisco Panorama from Treasure Island

Image by veo_ via Flickr

When he’s not working on people’s pools in some of the finer residential areas in the Bay Area, Baron’s a professional musician and has done professional sound production work for others in his studio.  I haven’t seen him in about 27 years, and we’d lost touch completely since 1984 until I managed to find him through YouTube with a friend of his playing one of Baron’s compositions on a “keytar” a few years ago.

I left a message for him on his phone and on Facebook Sunday to tell him about this possible opportunity to do voiceover work through a local talent agency, and to see if he might be open to helping me in putting together a professional-quality demo recording if I needed it.

I was talking to Baron as I drove — carefully, if it hadn’t been a call I’d been waiting anxiously for I wouldn’t have taken it — and he was welcome to the idea of helping me out, even if it meant me getting a cheap Southwest Airlines ticket to fly over to San Francisco to do it and spend some time seeing my old friend for the first time in many years.

By the way, as a promo for Baron, check this out.  There, now I’ve scratched his back so he can scratch mine!  He’d appreciate that!

He was totally unsurprised that I’d have this possible opportunity to make a living with my voice.  He’s heard it enough, going back to when I was 17 years old.  “You’ve got a very unique voice, man!” he said.  We talked about people that he knew who were getting “gigs” doing voiceover work.  He thought I’d fit right in with that industry.

In the middle of my call with Baron, I got another call from a technical consulting company so I had to cut my conversation with Baron short.  That call had to do with an urgent opening for someone to work in three distant locations doing data mining.

Data mining?  Yeah, I asked myself that question too, because I’ve never done it before.

I got home, made a call myself to the talent agency and left a message to let them know I was available at home.  Eagerness sells, right?

A while later, the phone rang.  I recognized the number on the caller ID.  It was a representative from the talent agency.  With me just using my natural voice on the line, the rep said, “It sounds like we need to get you in here for an interview!”  Like she was, perhaps, impressed just hearing me on the phone?  I could only hope.

I have an appointment to go in to the agency Tuesday at 11 a.m. for an interview.  Will this be an amazing new door being opened?  We shall see.  I need to get my hair cut now, and that’s okay by me!

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Hi, my name's John. I've thought about this blogging stuff for a number of years now. I got into it for real on November 10, 2011, after suddenly losing my job in late October that year. I've been blogging ever since, and I kept it up on a daily basis over a period of a year and four months of being unemployed or under-employed, to try and paint a picture of what being jobless with a family to support can be like. Finally, on February 28, 2013, I got a better job that put us back into the "middle class." But then that job went away, and I took a job as a transit bus driver that put us more in a lower income bracket. Now, I want to blog again on a more regular basis to tell of the kinds of struggles people like us go through as we work toward something better. Who knows, maybe I can actually turn this blogging stuff into a way to earn a living someday! If you go to my blog at and click on my About page, it'll tell you a lot about me -- maybe more than you ever wanted to know. I'm just your average, laid-back guy who's GOING TO MAKE IT IN THIS WORLD, despite all the roadblocks thrown in the way. I also launched a "niche" blog on music at that I'm very excited about because of the popularity of music playlist articles here. Also, check out and "Like" this blog's Facebook page at for instant updates. Look forward to seeing y'all around!
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