I’m proud and thankful that Grant Jonathan Miller is my son.

Grant found his true character around kindergarten age, perhaps even sooner.  His kindergarten teacher labeled him the “class clown,” and we have to admit he is so very good at doing the funniest little things to make people laugh, including his parents, to this day.

All Grant needs to do to make people laugh is to be himself.  One of my cousins used to be good at that too when we were growing up together.  Grant’s actions — he can take people in a serious mood and leave them laughing in seconds with a funny look or sound — make him a thrill to be around, for people of all ages.

Grant is like the Pied Piper when it comes to kids.  Children flock to him to be entertained, and he could spend countless hours doing just that.  It takes someone with a tender, caring heart to do that.  Grant has that kind of heart.  He’d entertain kids for hours, and they’d keep coming back for more.

Where his older brother is focused on a variety of things, Grant’s been known focus on one thing at a time.  When he zeroes in on something he loves, he eats and breathes it.  Ask him a trivia question about the Star Wars saga, and there’s a good chance he could answer it.  At one point in his life, he was so focused on Star Wars that he had dreams of being the next big movie director like George Lucas.  But those days have pretty much passed.

Lately, he’s moved on to become a basketball junkie.  He’s now a gym rat, through and through.  He’ll spend hour after hour working on his game, perfecting his shot, working on his crossover dribble so he can “break someone’s ankles” (for you non-basketball people, it’s not as bad as it sounds, off the court he’s as gentle and sensitive as young men come).  Oh, and for someone who’s no taller than 6’2″ he can dunk halfway decent.

Not bad for someone who didn’t even really start picking up the game until later in his life.  He’s gone from needing lots of work to being not bad at all.  I just keep reminding him to work on his defensive game.

Grant is one of those people whose mind runs at warp speed, and at times it just needs to be slowed down and targeted to where it needs to be.  But he is very intelligent when his mind is targeted.

He is as loyal a friend as one could hope to find, very trustworthy, always striving to do the right things and be as good a person overall as he can be.  Above all, it’s his caring, sensitivity, and his gentleness that shine amongst his many qualities.


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  1. Reblogged this on A View From The Middle (Class) and commented:

    Continuing on with reblogging articles of thankfulness from a year ago … our youngest son Grant is coming home today to spend a few days with us for the holiday. He’s been living with his grandparents in southeast Idaho since July, working at his first full-time job — and still playing hoops whenever he can. It’ll be great to have him with us, because — as it is with any of our children when they’re away — he’s always missed.

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