COBOL.  It’s one of those computer acronyms that can drive people nuts.  It stands for COmputer Business Oriented Language, and it’s a computer language I’ve worked with for a solid 16 years.

It’s a dying language for the most part, getting too old-fashioned except for places like banks, credit card companies, health care companies … the biggies, where serious data-crunching is done on mainframes.

But I had an interview this afternoon for one of those rare jobs that involves COBOL on a smaller scale with some Java opportunities thrown in as well, staying put in the Wasatch valley, eventually converting COBOL code into Java.  I’ve only experienced drinking java, not coding in Java.  But this place needs a COBOL “hired gun.”

I’ll sum up how I think the interview went in three words …

I.  Kicked.  Tail!

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if I get an offer soon, maybe even as soon as tomorrow.  The job is through a technology consulting company, and at this point it’s temporary — perhaps as few as 6-9 months or as much as a year.  It could also turn into a permanent position.

I was totally honest with the tech recruiter on the phone early this afternoon, telling him before the interview that I’ve already been accepted as an “independent contractor” with a talent agency and that some flexibility might be needed if anything were to ever come out of that.  I didn’t want to leave them hanging in case anything ever does begin to develop with the talent agency.

“So, knowing that now, should we plan on me going ahead with the interview on the COBOL job today?” I asked.

“Yeah, let’s go ahead and see what happens,” the recruiter replied.


I nailed the interview.  The recruiter actually gave me a heads-up on a potential “gotcha question” that the interviewers had stumped other potential candidates on, so I was better prepared.  The “gotcha question” came and went easily.

This was just coming together all too nicely.  In the past month, I’ve gone from no possibilities to a few very different options — things looking a bit bleak to things looking much brighter.  And I’m still going to see what shows up behind each new open door, even if the computer job ends up with an offer.

I’m covering all my bases.  I even put a resume out on today for a full-time blogger position.

Blogging!  It’s “the new journalism!”  Catch the wave!

I left the interview, walked out of the building to my car, and cranked up one of my favorite old Deep Purple tunes on the stereo to fit my good mood.  It was “Lazy,” featuring Jon Lord’s patented, sizzling Hammond organ playing.  I played it in honor of all those job seekers out there who are struggling every day trying to find something, anything, only to hear people think of them as “lazy” when that’s mostly just not the case.  I’m with ya, brothers and sisters, and always will be no matter what!

If I don’t get an offer on the computer job, I at least know I have other options to pursue, taking advantage of every bit of natural talent that I have.  I had some time to kill after the interview before I could get my daughter from school, so I grabbed some lunch.  As I sat there eating a sandwich at a table, I crossed my legs in total relaxation.  A nice feeling.

Another song was playing on the restaurant’s satellite music system that fit my mood and my attitude perfectly.

While you see a chance, TAKE IT!!!

Oh, one more thing that seemed to make everything come together so naturally, like things were meant to happen the way they’re unfolding: the interviewer said there would be a fair amount of traveling in the very beginning to get up to speed.  Traveling to Oakland, the Bay Area.  Maybe I can see my long-lost “brother” Baron Chase after all, and still take advantage of his sound engineering gifts to make that voice demo recording for any future speaking job opportunities that might come my way.  SSSSSWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEET!!!

This is one of those times it’s hard to tell whether to laugh or to cry, both with joy.  On the drive home with my girl Alicia, I whistled the song “Beautiful Dreams” with pure excitement.  She didn’t look at me too strangely.

How is this all coming together?  I can tell ya.  All you need is one sure thing.



2 thoughts on “A second job interview down

  1. Hope you get the job John,and i hope it becomes permanent.

    I assume you didn’t mention to the interviewer about your past as a cannibal.No need to burden him with too much brutal honesty;besides, those days are behind you….aren’t they?…..umm..aren’t they?……

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