This has turned into a bit of an ugly week.

It started out well enough.  Monday was a good day, with a solid job interview that left me feeling pretty high when it was all said and done and handshakes were exchanged.

But then came Tuesday — and, man, did it turn bad quickly.

Two people who various members of the family knew died the same day; the first being a lovely lady from our church who passed away at 94, still talking of her love for the Lord through to her final hours; the second being a tragic death by suicide of a neighbor who lived very close to our home, shocking the entire neighborhood.

But that whole day started with some lingering “personal garbage” from a source outside of our home that my wife and I had thought was going away after months of on-and-off-again dealings and too many days of bitterness and frustration worth counting — only to be dumped into our laps again, all refreshed and stinkier than ever.  Some folks just have a different way of seeking attention, I guess.  It’s something those folks thrive on, they’re addicted to the … well, the coddling, and they have a hard time dealing with anyone saying, “Nope, not gonna do it!” when it’s not really called for.

That whole putrid episode that started the day on Tuesday just kind of bled over into the remainder of the week, topped off Friday by losing out on that job opportunity that I really believed I was so close to as I started the week.

I’m so glad it’s our Sabbath day today.  I could use a good day of rest.  After days filled with ugliness, I’m ready to see the beautiful!


2 thoughts on “Show me “the beautiful!”

  1. John, when things get ugly,do what i do, think about Progeezer,that old Jew bastard,puttering around Madison Wisconsin, smoking his endless supply of high octane weed,singing those old rock and doowop tunes,and having a high old time.
    That cheers me up.That, and feeding nuts to the local squirrels.

    As you can tell, it doesn’t take much to cheer me up.Maybe when i finally meet Progeezer i’ll feed nuts to him.-Walt

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