My lovely wife just found this story on her hotmail page and just HAD to point it out to me.  I’m glad she did.

She knows I despise Fox News with a passion.  I’ve watched Fox News purely for entertainment purposes, not to get any resemblance of “real, honest, accurate, fair and balanced” news because it just, flat-out, does not exist there — no matter what their motto tells you.

But the story my wife pointed out to me was particularly hilarious.  Eric Bolling, here’s a question for you:  ARE YOU NUTS???!!!  The Muppets, brainwashing America’s children into a left-wing mindset???!!!  Is this a slow news day for your staff or what, Eric?  No, never mind, I already know the answer to that question.

See for yourself:


6 thoughts on “A slow day at Fox News (December 6, 2011 edition)

  1. Apart from being hilarious (which it certainly is), it’s also insidiously dangerous to anyone who can think clearly. You would think that since the Murdoch GB mess that Fox News would be watched like a hawk by fed regulatory agencies, and maybe they are, but I doubt it.

    Do you execute Muppets for treason by immolation???

  2. They’re talking, posturing for their base audience. It’s a crowd that hates any form of education, they already have their book… Sesame Street teaches kids, the fox anchors tell them what to think, and the fox base kneels in front of their overlord…

  3. Next from Fox News-evidence that Santa Claus is a Communist.
    1.-He kinda resembles the commie big shots you used to see at May Day parades in Red Square during the cold war.Looks a bit like Karl Marx with white hair and beard.
    2.He dresses in red.Red=commie.
    3.He gives toys to the world’s children.Obvious socialist/communist redistribution of wealth.
    4.Lives at North Pole.Why isn’t he living in South Beach, or Malibu,or Scarsdale.?

    Next Fox expose-The Easter Bunny-lovable symbol of the season or socialist dupe.

  4. Beyond the Muppet story, they continue to bash Sesame Street, without any specifics, for being “Liberal Brainwashing”

    Also notice that the host cuts off the guest professor speaking against the claim while lobbing grapefruit questions to the conservative pundit.

    In short, the lesson here is, Sesame Street is BAD and Rich Texman is Good!

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