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I’m sorry, Bill O’Reilly, but you’re just dead wrong on an eight-year-old boy being “coached” by his lesbian mother in confronting Michele Bachmann, as seen in the video in this link.

I’m sorry, Bill, but I saw the boy hesitating and being bashful and just being a “typical kid,” speaking what he feels is THE TRUTH!

I’m sorry, Bill, that you can’t seem to handle that.  And wasn’t it very interesting, Bill, that Mrs. Bachmann — after showing so much caring and patience in trying to hear and understand what the boy was whispering to her — cut the conversation off so quickly when she finally realized what it was that the boy was saying?  The look on her face at that moment is just … priceless.

How do I know that the boy was speaking what he believed to be the truth?  My own 12-year-old daughter, just last week, tried doing the same thing to try and help in resolving a problem with a former family friend by sending the friend an online message.  She wasn’t encouraged a bit by her parents to do that, it was her decision using her own words, trying to bring about some peace with a group of people she cared deeply about.

After the deed was done — as I was sitting peacefully eating a salad and getting ready to go to an important board meeting that night — she came up to me, and haltingly said (like she was afraid I was going to blow my top at her), “Uuuuhhhh, Dad?  What … would … you say … if I told you … ooohhh … that I sent a message to [friend’s name here]?”

And this was from a 12-year-old.  Yeah, Bill, they get shy even at that age!

“Well, what did you say?  Can I see the message you sent?” I asked.

After I read it, I just gave her a hug and a kiss on top of her head.  I ended up being a few minutes late to that important board meeting that night.  I didn’t care.  I was too busy being a dad who listens to his children and encourages them to think for themselves, with some guidance provided whenever and wherever needed.

And the children shall lead them?  Doesn’t sound all that bad.

Where do these “controversies” come from?  Ooooohhhh, I don’t know, let me [cough-cough-FOX NEWS-cough-cough] think on that and I’ll get back to ya!  Fox News surely wouldn’t pedal an agenda, would they?  They’re too “fair and balanced” to do something like that!

I’ll keep pondering that!


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