I was joking with someone on Saturday night, as an extremely busy two-day period was winding down, that I really needed to get a job because I could really use “the break.”

Now, don’t get me wrong here!  When I have a regular, full-time job, I work hard.  But for me that’s mostly consisted of sitting at a desk in front of a keyboard and doing the thinking kind of work, and I try my absolute best in that way.

Anyone who sees me in my head deacon’s duties at church knows my work ethic.  Hey, that’s a huge part of what made my two-day period over Friday and Saturday so busy!  I was going pretty much all the time.

On both Friday and Saturday, they amounted to 12-13-hour days of going and doing.  On Friday, the 13-hour day, it was mostly going.  On Saturday, the 12-hour day, it was mostly doing.  At least on Saturday, my day started with a tall homemade mocha for the road to get my jet engines firing the right way.

But at least, even though I’m unemployed, I’m going somewhere, doing something, so I’m not complaining.

And then there’s my dad-burned mind.  When it comes to this blog, once I get an idea in my head I have to get it down and work on it until it’s done and nearly perfect.  Sometimes that can mean getting up at some pretty strange hours — sacrificing some sleep time because I know I’m not going to sleep as long as my mind is spinning anyway — and coming over to my little cubby-hole in my lovely wife’s art and music studio to do some writing.

And, of course, there are job search tasks involved in my days as well.  There is no neglecting that.

Even after putting in that 12-hour day on Saturday, I had to erase everything from my mind while pretty much everyone else was in bed and work on a blog post for the next morning.  My mind wouldn’t allow me to sleep, and I knew that.

Even after a few hours of sleep, I had to get up on Sunday morning and head over to the cubby-hole to make sure my posts were as perfect as they could be and ready to schedule.

That’s my work ethic.

But then came Sunday night.  I was feeling a bit chilled, so I grabbed a light but warm blanket, laid down on our love seat in our living room to watch the Giants play the Cowboys, and I promptly … fell asleep.

I’d wake up for a bit, my lovely wife would say something about me promising her that I’d be spending my evening with her but I was sleeping instead, and I’d go back to sleep.

That was the story of my Sunday night.

Oh, I did wake up at one time long enough to catch most of “The Ultimate Gift” that my family was watching on DVD (great show, by the way, I highly recommend it) while snuggling with my lovely wife.  But then when it was bedtime, I wanted to catch the late sports report on the local news.  And what I did instead was … fell asleep.  And it actually turned into a full night’s sleep.

I’ve made a decision: Sleep is a good thing!  Sleep is a VERY good thing!  Now, here it is, early on a Monday morning, and I’m ready to face what could turn into another long and busy day.

Maybe I’ll try that sleeping thing again tonight.  That was pretty nice.


3 thoughts on “A discovery! Sleeping is a VERY GOOD thing!

  1. Crikey, John,for a man who’s unemployed you’re sure as shootin’ a busy SOB.
    Better to be occupied with stuff than just hanging around being preoccupied with your bad luck.Healthier too.
    Falling asleep in front of the tv,eh?.Sure sign of middle age.(smile).

  2. Yeah, healthier in that I am losing some weight, and people seem to be noticing it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to run off to my church again. Got a truck filled with boxes of oranges sitting there waiting to be unloaded as part of a school fundraiser. There’s my exercise and fresh (cold) air for the day! HUMMINA-HUMMINA!!!!!

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