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Let’s face it, I know I could do at least one of these posts on a daily basis.  I could do a similar thread on “Rush Limbaugh lies through his teeth” on a minute-by-minute basis every time he opens his big cigar-chomping mouth (the cigar AND the mouth) on his radio show.  I could do one on “Glenn Beck’s just a flat-out freaky morning-zoo-deejay kind of dude” on a month-by-month basis every time a new book (self-help — ha! — or Christmas story or libertarian rant) that has his name somehow associated with it.

I don’t know what day this latest cheese-and-whinefest episode showed up on “The O’Reilly Factor and I don’t really care, but how many people saw this “talking point” from the tall, F-bomb-spewing, hissy-fit-throwing Fox News host?

Watch the video in this link.

And now, watch the incident as it happened.

So, O’Reilly is complaining about someone on the street running up behind him and trying to do an “ambush interview” and saying there ought to be a law against it?  More likely he’s saying there ought to be a law against anyone having anything at all to do with the Occupy movement doing an ambush interview, because we all know how bat$#!~ crazy those Occupy folks are, don’t we?

Here’s my biggest question regarding this:  if such a law were to hit the books somewhere, as Bill-o suggests, wouldn’t that eliminate his stock-and-trade-through-producers’-but-not-mighty-Bill-himself style?

Like these gems …

And I could go on … and on … and on … but, it is so SSSSSWWWWWWEEEEEEEET when the tables get turned on the ambushers.  They don’t like it one bit, as you can see here:

But my favorite O’Reilly ambush interview producer takedown comes from one of my all-time journalistic heroes, Bill Moyers.  The following is a thing of beauty:

And another — longer — look at the same takedown.  Watch this one all the way to the end, when the “O’Reilly hounddog” gets “hounded” himself:

Did the “O’Reilly hounddog” look like he was enjoying himself?

And now, in all seriousness, I urge you to watch this clip from a Moyers speech nearly FIVE YEARS AGO!  The ethical health of the nation’s media has only gotten worse since Bill Moyers made this speech.

Bill O’Reilly wants to get rid of ambush interviewers?  Does he have any idea what such a law would do to the nation’s unemployment rate?  And I’m just talking about the people he’d have to fire from his own show!

And here I thought O’Reilly was one of those “job creators!”  Tsk-tsk!


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