English: Political commentator Glenn Beck at t...

It’s good to know that Glenn Beck hasn’t changed much since he took his millions from Fox News, his Goldline ball, and ran off to build his own home on GBTV on the web.

Am I hearing him in this video talking about “having to be decent people” before he SCREAMS OUT about wanting to stab someone to death?  Nope, no talking out of both sides of his mouth on that point from Glenn, is there?  Nosirree, Glenn’s a HERO!!!

Oh, that screaming you heard out of Glenn a few times in that video from GBTV … doesn’t that remind you of this girlish “GET OFF MY PHHHOOOOOOONNE, YOU LITTLE PINHEAD!!!” kind of scream that’s helped to make him so famous?  You know, this one:

No, no, no, that wasn’t the right one.  That was an older one, the one where Glenn Beck screams out his wonderful brand of “comedy.”  It was this one:

Nope, nothing new here.  Good to know that Glenn’s set for life, and that morning zoo deejays can shed their chimps and become multimillionaire media barons if they find the right gimmick!

A gimmick like this one:

Which, hey, could lead to A WHITE HOUSE CABINET POST FOR GLENN BECK!  From a chimp in the studio to the White House!  He’s no dummy, is he?


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