One of the first things I saw this morning when I got on to Facebook was a link shared by a longtime online friend — Dr. Mark Bailey, a teaching fellow of International Relations in London (yes, London — I get around, don’t I?) from the online BBC News Magazine.

The poorest citizens in Birmingham, Alabama, say they can no longer afford running water. (Photo Courtesy BBC News Magazine)

I’ve read Dr. Bailey’s well-informed, studied observations on American politics, the American economy, and American life for many years now, through an online political discussion site.  And, sad to say, he has a much better grasp on what’s happening in America today than many Americans do.

For that matter, so do many of my Canadian friends … sad to say.

This is all leading up to something that I don’t recall seeing much about in the major, mainstream or “lamestream” American media.  And maybe that’s why so many Americans aren’t aware of what’s really going on around them.  Has anyone in America seen the story of how people in Alabama can’t afford running water on any national newscasts?  If so, how many of you have seen this story?

Now, how many of you have seen the latest news on the latest celebrity scandal in the national media?  Yeah, I thought I’d see a lot of hands on that one.

We’re not talking just about conditions in the poorest nations of the world — Uganda, Haiti, South American nations, etc.  WE’RE TALKING ABOUT ALABAMA, U.S.A.!!!

Who’s proud of that?  Come on, let’s see a show of hands!

See the story that Dr. Bailey shared on Facebook here.


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