“Dear Santa,

“Thank you for all the stuff you gave me last year, they were very nice!  I picked this color (written in red marker) to write with because I know this is your favorite color.

Santa and moose
Image by Jenny P. via Flickr

I made you a coco fuge cookie even thogh my mom said I shouldn’t because she said that you could loss a couple pounds, I would not mind if you put coal in her stocking!  🙂

“I also have som veggies and crackers for your raindeer and you can give them some water to if you want, you just go in the cuberds and grab a cup and help your self, you can grab some milk to if you want.

“I think this is going to be one of the most best Christmas ever because we put a lot of thought in to it and got some good gifts, at least I think.  But I don’t need all those presants all I want is to have my dad to get a job so my dad not have to worry any more.”

Love, Alicia

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