I saw one of the odder, most head-scratching things while heading out to do some Christmas shopping last month.  It made me wonder if we’re gradually heading in the sad direction that we saw of humans from the Pixar movie, “Wall-E.”

As I was heading up the street to fuel up and do my shopping, I passed a neighbor’s house and saw a lady taking out some garbage from the deck of the back side of their house.  The garbage dumpsters were on the ground below the deck.  Two dumpsters were rigged up with rope that went from the lids up to the deck, so all the lady had to do to take out the garbage was to grab on to the rope, pull on it to raise the lid on the dumpster below, drop her garbage from the deck down to the dumpster, put the rope back in its hanging position on the deck, and quickly make her way back inside.

I’m not one to pooh-pooh ingenuity when it comes to figuring out convenient ways of doing things, but … really?  When I or my kids take out the garbage, we walk out the front door to the farther end of the house, use our hands to reach under the lid of the dumpster, lift up the lid while actually touching it, drop the garbage in, and let the lid come back down by either placing it back down by hand or just letting it drop.  We then walk back through the front door and go about our day.

It’s really not that difficult, is it?

A rope to raise the dumpster lid and dropping garbage in from above?  Really?

Are we heading in the direction that Wall-E saw from consumerist individualization of humankind?

Kinda makes me shiver at the thought.


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