Things are happening here.  Good things are happening behind the scenes.  I’m networking like crazy, talking with my “boss” or my “partner” or my “brother” or whatever Baron is to me in all of this –asking him, “Do we have a business plan or a mission statement yet?  And if we don’t we need to have some meetings with everyone who needs to be involved … ASAP.”

Sample mission statement
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But I’m sure Baron already knows that.  He’s one sharp dude.  He’ll get something set up meeting-wise.  He works the phone with all his contacts pretty well.  I’m just trying to do what I can here, about 600 miles away, to get things going interest-wise.

Whew!  Breathe, man!  See, that’s part of the problem with me now.  I’m less than a week out from still operating from that jobless status and trying to figure out what my next move(s) should be.  Now that I believe strongly in what I’m doing and the future it could hold and the unique vision that’s involved in it and helping to build it from the ground level, I still find myself operating out of that “survival mode” in which I’m still concerned about my family’s future and security and I’m not quite out of it yet.  That “weight” still feels pretty heavy.

Getting out of that mode may take a while yet.  But I know I’ll get there, to where I can “learn to breathe” again.  In the meantime, I’m feeling … “driven.”  And that’s not all bad in a position where you’re trying to get something off the ground that could pay off and make a difference in people’s lives in the long run.

So, where does this blog go from here?  I can tell you this, and I believe I said it long ago:  This blog stays right where it’s at.  It’s not going anywhere.  It stays the same — the same concerns, the same approach, the same beliefs, the same overall style (perhaps with little improvements here and there for links to outside sources on the home page, but that’s a minor thing).

Perhaps the only things I will change are any reference to being without a job in my profile, that reference will be removed.  We’re dealing with a “brand new day” as far as my personal profile.

“Job search” as a category or “Job searching” at the top of my home page will remain as themes, because there are still way too many people out there in this nation without a job, with little hope, with families’ security and health and overall well-being still a major concern, and until those issues are addressed and better remedied on a national level — from our leaders on the left AND the right, working together instead of being more concerned about getting re-elected or unseating someone already in office — the discussion of joblessness will continue if any more “personal profiles” come in.  That’s the biggest part of what’s driven this blog all along; shining a light on a problem that is crippling this country.

You see, it’s not “all about me.”  It’s about “all of us.”

Besides, this blog is one part of a bigger “engine” that’s being built behind the scenes.  And any mechanic, much like my college buddy Baron, will tell you that you don’t take ANY parts out of an engine and expect it to run smoothly.

But I do need to take some time off, and my lovely wife and I are planning a little getaway starting tomorrow through Sunday morning to do just that.  I’ll be scheduling something, maybe a couple of “weird music videos” that further illustrate the kind of music Baron exposed me to years ago that helped to bring us to this point together, to appear automatically so I keep my streak of daily posts alive.

This blog’s only been going on a daily basis since my first post November 10, 2011.  It’d be a shame to end that streak now.  You’ll just have to put up with a couple of “weird music videos.”

But I’ll be back sometime Sunday.  Perhaps by that time, I’ll have broken out of that “survival mode” a bit more and re-learned how to breathe.

Thanks to all of my “readers” and “viewers” for a great ride, for your tremendous support through some real ups and downs in this rollercoaster ride!  Some of my friends in Utah, bless their hearts, have thought this blog was more of a “hobby” to keep me busy during my jobless period.  It’s more than a “hobby.”  It’s a “passion.”  But it’s really still only just beginning.  So … stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Okay, you might ask, so where does this blog go from here?

  1. How about moving the whole fam out to Palo Alto and help out the struggling Face Book Campus that was just opened there. Jump and a mouse pad will appear…

    The Coa
    Is it open to everyone? This is my first question. Is It just artists?
    We should jam ideas about it on line.

    The French and a thing called The Salon (sp) where a panel of Artists would audition you to be a part. You can come back as much as you want.

    We Start with John and Baron and depthitize a group of deep artistic cream.

    This is corruptable yet comforting.

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