There was magic in the music of Genesis with Peter Gabriel.  So many weird costumes Peter would wear while performing, so many weird stories he’d tell to introduce songs.

But the most breathtaking part of any Genesis song to me comes from the final two verses of the 26-minute epic “Supper’s Ready” from their “Foxtrot” album.  It gives me chills just reading the words …

“Can’t you feel our souls ignite
Shedding ever changing colours, in the darkness of the fading night,
Like the river joins the ocean, as the germ in a seed grows
We have finally been freed to get back home.

“There’s an angel standing in the sun, and he’s crying with a loud voice,
‘This is the supper of the mighty One’,
The Lord of Lords,
King of Kings,
Has returned to lead His children home,
To take them to the new Jerusalem.”

So poetic!

English: Peter Gabriel
Image via Wikipedia

A word of warning before anyone watches the video below:  I know many people who won’t “get it,” they’ll just think Peter Gabriel’s costume changes and antics are just too “out there,” and that’s understandable.  Feel free not to watch it if it’s just “too weird” for your tastes.  But it’s the story in the music that means the most, the story that’s in the words.

Part of the story has to do with Gabriel’s deep love for his wife, missing her so much, but toward the end he says “Babe, it’s gonna work out fine.”  You can find it if you skip to the 22:50 mark in the video.

This is a song that’s literally brought tears to my eyes several years ago, thinking of my lovely wife when I was just so busy with things going on in my life that it seemed my wife and I were becoming strangers.

Today, my wife and I are in the middle of a weekend getaway.  At some point in this getaway, we will have seen the movie “War Horse,” and if you know my wife you’ll know why that will have been a special moment — for both of us.

“Babe, it’s gonna work out fine!”


2 thoughts on “Learning about new tunes Part 2

  1. The first Genesis record i heared was Genesis Live,the 1973 concert on LP.That record blew my little mind,from the first blast of mellotron on Watcher Of The Skies,to the incredible ending of The Musical Box.
    I’m sorry i never saw Genesis live in the Gabriel era.


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