Any recollection of my introduction to progressive rock and jazz-fusion (progressive rock first) would not be complete without the first Yes album I ever heard.

Cover of "Fragile"
Cover of Fragile

It was “Fragile.”  And it rocked my world.

I’m not going to say much about the music.  The songs speak for themselves.  They’re … transformational.

I’ll say a little about the musicians: Jon Anderson … soaring, majestic vocals and songwriting with at times head-scratching yet often times very spiritual lyrics; Steve Howe … simply one of the greatest guitar players alive today; Chris Squire … some of the crunchiest and rock-steadiest bass lines around, and gorgeous harmony on backing vocals; Rick Wakeman … a master on the keys; and Bill Bruford … one of my all-time heroes on the drums.

Oh, and let’s not forget the other-worldly artwork of Roger Dean.  It was almost like he was a member of the band himself.

This is Yes, and they’ve been going since the late 1960s on through to today in some form or fashion.  From 1972, this is “Fragile.”


6 thoughts on “Learning about new tunes Part 5

  1. John, my introduction to Yes was The Yes Album,which i first heared at college,circa 1972.It blew me away,and it’s still my favorite Yes rekkid.

    I’m no authority on Yes,by no stretch of the imagination,i only have two Yes cds,TYA and Fragile,and even back in my vinyl days, i had,maybe, 4 Yes LPs.I never much cared for Wakeman’s playing except on mellotron.

    I’ll give Fragile another listen today,in honor of this blog.(and you).

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