Whoever decided to name the Mahavishnu Orchestra’s debut album “The Inner Mounting Flame” knew exactly what they were doing.

The Inner Mounting Flame
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Even the first song on the album, “Meeting Of The Spirits,” gave an indication of the intense heat that would come from this group — led by a master of the double-necked electric and acoustic guitar, John McLaughlin, and joined by the brilliance of Jan Hammer on keyboards, Jerry Goodman on violin, Billy Cobham on drums, and Rick Laird on bass.

Each member of the band could have shined brilliantly as a solo artist, and most of them actually ended up doing just that.  Together, they produced sheer fire.  McLaughlin’s solos were magical.  McLaughlin and Goodman would play off of each other so tightly it could make your jaw fall to the floor.  Hammer’s riffs on keys were so crisp, so precise, so tasteful and full of that signature Hammer tone.  Cobham was just a monster on the skins, one of the most muscular drummers around.  And Laird kept it all tightly wound together on the bottom so as not to let the flame get too far out of control.

The Mahavishnu Orchestra was simply earth-shakingly intense.


4 thoughts on “Learning about new tunes Part 7

  1. I remember talking with Baron the first time about seeing Jerry Goodman live in a north Suburb of Chicago in a band called The Flock. He blew our minds, then years later in CA heard him with Mahavishnu, holy mackeral!! Still blowing minds! I wished I could have seen Mahavishnu live! Thanks

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