Dregs of the Earth
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There was one time when I learned about a band at the exact same time as my “teacher.”  It was an education that came during one of countless numbers of “jams” we went to after I had left college but I’d stayed in touch with my “teacher” in the years after.

The band was The Dixie Dregs, homegrown right in the USA.  The album was “Dregs of the Earth.”

The Dregs might have been from the U.S., but it’s safe to say much of their influence came from the more foreign-born Mahavishnu Orchestra.  They had a firebrand on guitar in the person of Steve Morse, who’d often trade licks note for note with violinist Allen Sloan.  Keyboardist T Lavitz was like an American version of Mahavishnu’s Jan Hammer.  Rod Morgenstein was a powerhouse on drums.  And Andy West on bass was a string-thumping machine.

For many, their music would probably be considered more accessible than The Mahavishnu Orchestra.  They had a mix of music unlike any other — country, pure jazz, straight-ahead rock, Dixie-fried funk, classical, baroque.  You name it, they could play it.

Well, here, listen for yourself.


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