Just as the Yes album “Fragile” rocked my world from a progressive rock standpoint, my intro to Return To Forever’s “Romantic Warrior” stunned me and awakened me to a whole new world of music when it came to jazz-fusion.

In that album, you had four masters of their craft:  Chick Corea on keyboards; Stanley Clarke on bass; Al DiMeola on blistering guitar; and Lenny White giving his signature beats on drums.

I’ve already included a link to a review I wrote years ago on the music discussion website www.progressiveears.com … well, why not just check out the tunes yourself?


2 thoughts on “Learning about new tunes Part 10

  1. killer stuff for sure but imo not their best. that would be “where have i known you before” with “vulcan worlds” and “song to the pharoah kings”.

    1. Thanks for commenting here Yogi, love to see some more discussions get started here! I think it’s true that what’s used as an introduction for many people is often what stands out in their minds most as their best. I’ve seen that a lot through the years, including on progressiveears.com.

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