As long as it appears SOPA isn’t taking effect for a while (see the banner that sticks to the right side of your screen), and the Internet is still left uncensored, allow me to squeeze this in …

Why aren’t there any talking heads in a studio debating what the Occupy Wall Street movement is about in the video I’m linking to here?  Why isn’t Geraldo Rivera getting shouted down by people yelling “FOX NEWS LIES!!  FOX NEWS LIES!!!” to be followed up by “expert analysts” talking about how insane those people are?

Why?  Because it’s Bill Moyers, and he’s one of the few TRULY “fair and balanced” journalists I can think of that we have left in America today.  He’s old-school.  As you can see in the video link above, he actually lets the people — THE PEOPLE — involved give their full views without interruptions and without condescending types of questions, as though he were dealing with idiots — or, as conservative talk show host Neal Boortz calls them, “OccuTARDS.”  Yeah, “OccuTARDS.”  Now, THAT is constructive and helping the American debate!  NOT!

Instead, it’s so much more interesting to listen to people who AREN’T STUPID share their stories and opinions.  And that’s exactly what you’re gonna get with Bill Moyers.

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, yyyyeeeeessssssssssss!!!  I’ve missed you, Bill!


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