A friend and I were talking a few weeks ago about a mutual experience — the birth of our first child.

I described how, back in 1991 on the afternoon that my son Curtis was born, I was driving around Blackfoot, Idaho, in my 1988 Ford Ranger 4×4 with its roll bar, push bar, and fog lights attached top and bottom — a very cool and muscular truck — doing some errands.  And I was celebrating while I was driving, feeling sssooooo good, reliving the experience of my son’s birth in my mind.  Reliving in my mind the beautiful sight of my son’s face, the wonderful sound of his first cries.

Jon Anderson performing in concert with Yes in...
Image via Wikipedia

I don’t recall whether it was a conscious choice, but I had a cassette tape playing in my truck at the time, and the music playing was from the Jon Anderson album “Animation.”  And as I listened to the Yes singer/songwriter singing on his solo album, I heard how he related the birth of his child, how he was there beside his wife — he “just wanted to be there.”

It takes a very powerful musical moment to bring me to tears.  And I don’t mind telling you, the combination of Curtis’ birth and the song “Animation” and the words that go with it … well, it made me cry like a baby.  The water from my eyes flowed as if it was coming from a faucet.

If you have a child of your own, think back to that day when that child was born, watch the video below, listen to the words being sung.  And then decide just how truly powerful is the magic of music during those life-changing special moments.


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