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Let’s see, I need to go back in my memory bank a bit.  Didn’t Fox News have a field day slamming Democratic President Bill Clinton for his marital indiscretions before and after he was in office?  Didn’t Fox News rake former New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner over the coals for showing his … well, for him having a bit too much fun with the ladies on the Internet?

And here’s Republican presidential candidate and disgraced former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and his list of extra-marital affairs and asking his former wife for a divorce while she’s lying in a hospital bed battling cancer … AND IN THE EYES OF FOX NEWS, THAT, FOR GINGRICH, IS A SIGN OF STRENGTH?

Oh, did I mention that Newt himself sought to get Clinton strung up over his lack of zipper control … while Gingrich himself was secretly messing around?

But there it was, that very opinion on foxnews.com!  As far as “The Newter” goes, it’s all good!!!  He’s human, he does it because he has such a strong love for his country, and … he’s Republican!  That’s what you call “fair and balanced” in the world of Fox News.

Read it here, and be prepared with a barf bag nearby!

Oh, but wait, that article was written by Dr. Keith Ablow, the co-author of one of Glenn Beck’s dozens upon hundreds of mass-produced books that teaches us all how to live a better life.  Nnnnnnnooooooooowwwwwww it all makes perfect sense!



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