My “theme” for today’s playlist is pretty simple.  What day is it today?  And don’t worry, this won’t be something where I play songs with the day in the title of the song … every day.  No, it’s a little more than that.

The Monkees, left to right: Micky Dolenz, Davy...
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But today, it’s all about Sunday as the theme.  And why not start off with one from The Monkees, “Another Pleasant Valley Sunday,” the title of which inspired a political topic I addressed here a few days after Thanksgiving.

Oh, what the heck … if you have trouble finding it in my “Politics” or “Occupy movement” categories to your right, I’ll put it here.  There ya go!

Here’s one from Supertramp that doesn’t get heard on the radio very often, if at all.  It doesn’t have “Sunday” in the title, but it’s all about one of those lazy … Sundays.

From the psychedelic ’60s and The Velvet Underground, there’s this “Sunday Morning.”

From a more modern vein with Maroon 5 …

When’s the last time you saw/heard Blondie do this one?

For the country music fans, there’s this from Johnny Cash and the man who wrote this song.

But, then, there’s my favorite “Sunday song” of them all.  It’s a song with quite a “kick.”

Have a great Sunday!  Tune in again tomorrow and see what I have in store.  And, no, it won’t necessarily be The Mamas and The Papas singing “Monday Monday” (not that there’d be ANYTHING wrong with that) — but then again … you just never know.


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