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President Obama speaks to Congress and the nation in the State of the Union speech tomorrow.  This will be, without a doubt, the most important speech he has given yet in his presidency — if not the most important speech of his life.

Even though some “signs” appear to be pointing in a very positive direction for me, I am still not drawing a paycheck.  I am still filing unemployment claims every week.  My family will be surviving as long as is necessary off of limited retirement money and any tax refund money we get, along with unemployment money as long as is necessary, until things change completely and I do resume bringing in an income from work that I do.  I am planning on getting re-trained in a more modern and more-in-demand programming language as a “back-up plan,” although my confidence in a non-programming career is sky-high.  I’m not sitting on my thumbs.  My two sons of adult age are still totally without any kind of health or dental insurance coverage.  That’s our reality, and we’re still living it day by day.

This isn’t meant to whine and moan.  This is meant to tell how tired I am — how tired WE ARE — of the way things are, even though I continue, day by day, to strive toward making it much brighter.  We need A REAL CHANGE.  And we cling to the hope that the day will come when that change truly does come.

That’s how we survive down here in “the land of the technical jobless.”

With that said, allow me to take you back to a blog post I put out there a while back, from December 6.  You can get there by clicking here.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night!


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