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I saw this video on the local news a few nights ago, it’s all the rage on YouTube.  Such a “rage” that it’s gotten over 1.4 million views there.  That’s definitely what you’d call “viral.”

Funny thing is, it’s really not that unusual for people who see Utah drivers and Utah driving every day to see stuff like what’s in the video that I’ll show you here.  It was a fairly typical day for driving through a snowstorm in Bountiful, Utah, on January 21.  I mean, for five full years I drove through the messy traffic on my daily commute to and from my job in Utah County, and we’d be literally taking our lives in our hands every day doing that stuff.  Every … day!

And that was BEFORE I-15 through Utah County became a major construction zone, through the entire stretch of it.  Idiotic lane changes, people talking on cell phones with NO HANDS ON THE WHEEL (phone in one hand, gesturing with the other), pavement tipping to one side to such a degree that I nearly witnessed a heavily loaded semi truck and trailer nearly tipping over as it went over the unlevel surface and threatening to smash two vehicles driving along to the left of it.

And those are just a handful of examples of the stupidity I’d see and the fear I’d feel on a daily basis, through sunshine and pouring rain and driving blizzards and the dark of night.

Speaking of driving in the dark, here’s a true personal story.  There was one time I actually got clipped by a dump truck on the left rear fender of my little 1996 Toyota Celica GT convertible when the truck’s driver suddenly had to slam on his brakes and swerve to his right into my lane.

Why did the driver suddenly have to slam on the brakes and swerve into my lane at the last minute when I was in his blind spot?  Because it was 6:45 a.m.  And it was December 10.  And it was pitch black at that time of the morning.  And he was barreling down the middle lane with a black SUV totally stopped DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF HIM.  And the SUV had no lights on.  No lights on.  Not even hazard lights flashing.  And traffic was going at freeway speeds.


Too bad I didn’t have a video camera going at that moment in time.  Maybe I could have put it up on YouTube and gotten over 1.4 million views.  Utah drivers going too fast for snowy conditions and getting into multiple wrecks?  Heck, that’s child’s play around here.  But here it is …


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