My son Grant sometimes seems to have a bit too much time on his hands.  When he works, he works hard and he works well.  He also works fast when he knows what to do, and he works until the job is done.

But there are times when he just has a bit too much time on his hands.  And he goes out to YouTube, looking for off-the-wall videos.  He found a real peach of a video a few weeks ago, that talks about an absurdly rich (and I don’t mean “rich” as in how much fat or how many pounds it’ll pack on when you eat it) dessert, made with edible gold.

He told me about the video a few days ago, and I couldn’t believe it.  It wasn’t until I started poking around myself, just now, that I came across my own proof that I could see with my own eyes.

Check out this dish, worth $35,000.

Yes, folks, that’s right!  For the low, low price of just $35,000, you too could pick up a golden spoon and put your lips around that edible gold and champagne jelly!  But, wait, that’s not all … if you call our toll-free number RIGHT NOW, we’ll throw in this added treat for the INSANELY LOW PRICE OF $14,500!!!

And, as a special gift to our shoppers, you’ll get this for the loved one in your life, just in time for Valentine’s Day …

Okay, enough with the faux commercial.  Let’s put this in terms the middle class, at least, can understand, and feel free to add to my list here in the comments section below if the mood strikes you:

  • Those three rattle-trap vehicles my family drives, the newest one being 13 years old (and one of them is still not running) … for the price of all these desserts combined, we could buy three much newer vehicles — IN CASH, ON THE SPOT, OFF THE LOT AND THEY’RE ALL OURS, NOT THE BANK’S UNTIL WE’VE MADE ALL THE PAYMENTS — and feel much more secure driving them.
  • I could actually pay for the remainder of my oldest son’s college education.
  • I could sit out for a full year and not have to lift a finger to work ON ANYTHING and live off of how much this stuff costs combined.
  • Thinking of what happens AFTER you eat these desserts, it would pay my water and sewer bills for … A LIFETIME!!!
  • I could go on mission trips to Africa or Haiti or the impoverished areas right here in the United States and feed thousands of people actual nourishing food.

But that kind of stuff would be too silly, wouldn’t it?


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