I’m in a Kansas mood today, but I’m specifically looking at someone who is, without a doubt, my favorite rock singer of all time — Steve Walsh.

Steve Walsh from the band Kansas
Image via Wikipedia

Walsh helped lift Kansas to its greatest heights not only with his singing and his tremendous vocal range — some of the high “scat singing” he does on Kansas tunes shows just how high he can go — and clear delivery, but also with his keyboard playing (love his Hammond sounds in particular) and his songwriting.

Walsh did a solo album and left the band when it was around its greatest heights, did some session work with guys like Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett on Hackett’s own solo work, formed a band of his own called Streets, re-formed Kansas with master guitarist Steve Morse but minus a violin player and the songwriting and keys/guitar playing of founder Kerry Livgren, brought in another violin player, re-formed Kansas with its original violin player, had the original violin player step aside again, recorded a couple of great Walsh solo albums, and … pretty much decided his songwriting days are over.  There just isn’t enough promotion of his solo work, being part of the reason for quitting with the new music.

It’s the music world’s great loss for that.

Get ready for a long playlist today.  There’s a lot of music to go through, a lot of great moments.  But it’s a Sunday, right?  You’ve got time.


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