Do you have a famous person who looks just like you at some point in your life, or vice versa?  For me, that person seems to be Kenny Rogers.  Yes, the famous country music singer Kenny Rogers.

Lucille (Kenny Rogers song)
Image via Wikipedia

Try this experiment, right now.  Look at the picture to your left.  Now scroll all the way down to the bottom of this blog post and look at my profile photo.  A bit eerie, isn’t it?  But just you wait, I’m not done.

I think the comparison between Kenny and me started back in 2003, when I was invited to the 25th reunion of the graduating class of 1978 at my hometown’s high school, which I didn’t even graduate from but I went to school there through my sophomore year of high school.

I hadn’t seen most of the people I went to school with since I moved away after the 10th grade.  I made sure my hair was longer for the occasion, just to show people I hadn’t lost any.  Many people didn’t even recognize me.  I was voted the “Person Who Had Changed The Most” and got a picture frame as a prize.  When I went up to get it, someone yelled out, “I was wondering who invited Kenny Rogers!”

I still get that comparison in a lot of places I go.  At my nearest local grocery store, I’m such a familiar face there that one of the employees there started greeting me by the name “Kenny Rogers.”

For the most eerie comparison yet, if you want to see a video that looks just like me when I was in my mid-20s or so, watch the music video below.  Our hair’s the same, our beard and moustache is the same, he moves his head and his mouth the same, our glasses are close to being the same as they were when I was in my mid-20s, and the smile’s the same.



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