I’m actually doing some work here at home that’s building up to something career-wise, yet I’m not getting paid to do it … yet.  And I’m doing it because, well, that’s just a part of my personal make-up.  That’s how I was raised.  I’m working on a “foundation” for something that could turn into something quite good.

I’m also offering my services in other ways that will never actually lead to a physical, hold-it-in-your-hands-and-cash-it kind of paycheck, yet I’m doing it freely and with as much humbleness as I can offer.  I’m doing these things because they involve needs that just flat-out have to be done, and no one can afford to pay me to do these things.




I’m not looking for a pat on the back or a cash reward of any kind.  I’m doing these things because someone needs to do them, and I have the time, the strength, and the willingness to do them.



I’m not doing them for recognition.  So don’t feel a need to give me any of that, even here and now.



It’s a trait, a characteristic, that’s hard to describe, yet it’s been a part of my character for a long time.  And I’m trying very hard to pass that characteristic on to my own children, through my own example.



It even was a part of my day today, as I went out with my youngest son Grant to help with some things that needed to be done.  We were complimented for our efforts, but that’s not even why we did it.



We did it simply because it involved things that needed to be done.

I may not get a monetary reward out of it, and neither will my children if they follow the example I’m trying to set for them.  What I’m trying to show them is that — if they make these same kinds of efforts as they grow and mature in their own lives — there is a much greater reward waiting for them … given time.








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