I’ve loved football ever since I was a little kid, and a cousin of mine who lived just down the street and some other neighbor boys would try playing it in one of the bigger yards in the neighborhood.

I loved the game so much that I ordered a book through my school that gave step-by-step instructions on how to play it.  If I’d been maybe a bit more determined in my younger years, and if I hadn’t messed up my right knee a bit in a motorcycle accident in my teen years, I would have played it more myself.

The Salt Lake Avengers flag football team from the old Salt Lake Junior Academy

But I have coached it for a few years, in southeast Idaho and in Utah.  Some of the boys I helped coach in my 20s when they were in elementary through junior high school age are now adults with kids as athletes of their own.  And there was a time when, over a two-year period, I helped coach my youngest son and his school’s co-ed flag football teams, going to tournaments in the Monterey Bay area both years and winning every game in our last year there.

Grant and me at Monterey Bay

And, yeah, as you can see by the cap I have on my head in the photos here, I’m a big fan of the Indianapolis Colts, which made this season a particularly tough one for me to endure.  But, hey, the Colts get a terrific draft pick out of the deal.

How long have I been a Colts fan?  Well, it goes back to when I was in the sixth grade back in Salmon, Idaho.  Getting NFL games on TV was a hit-or-miss situation back then in Salmon.  You were pretty lucky to get a clear signal from the transmitters up in the mountains back then.  But I did order another football book from school back then, which gave all the stories of every Super Bowl up through Super Bowl V when the then-Baltimore Colts beat the Dallas Cowboys on a last-minute field goal.

I loved the Colts’ uniforms.  I loved Johnny Unitas’ quarterbacking.  The stories were legendary.  Aside from a two-year period after the Colts decided to trade Unitas away to the San Diego Chargers and I was too angry at them to like them any more, and I tried having the Los Angeles Rams as my favorite team, I’ve stuck with them as “my team” ever since.  My desire as a teenager to become a sports writer was started with a desire to become the Colts’ beat writer with the Baltimore Sun.

True story.

I’ve seen every Super Bowl ever since missing Super Bowl V.  I’ve seen a huge majority of the commercials, dreaded most of the halftime shows (Madonna?  I think I’ll miss that one this Sunday).  I’ve played fantasy football and done quite well for the most part since 1999.

Yeah, I’m an NFL junkie.  And as we approach the big game in a few days, these are a few of my favorite Super Bowl memories.

Why didn’t Mike Ditka let Walter Payton run it in for a TD … just once?  “The Fridge” … are you KIDDING ME???!!!!

I started my videos with a Colts win, and by golly I’ll finish them with a Colts win.  Forget about that little loss to the Saints a couple seasons ago.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Tony Dungy several years ago, shaking his hand, telling him how big a Colts fan I’ve been for so long, having him meet my family and joke around with my oldest son about not seeming to be too interested in singing in front of a church on a stage.  I had him autograph a Colts cap of mine.

The man is, in person, just as he is in public life:  down to earth.  I was so happy to see him win a world championship.

That’s me.  Just a die-hard Colts fan.


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