There was something out-of-the-blue that happened this week that I took, again, as a sign that someone special is watching over me and my family, answering prayers — whether the answers to those prayers are “yes,” “no,” “wait,” “relax,” “go this direction,” “help this person,” “be kind to that person,” whatever.  Those signs just keep popping up and I just keep following ’em.

Every Cathedral Should Have Stained Glass
Every Cathedral Should Have Stained Glass (Photo credit: widdowquinn)

My family is still without a regular income.  We’re living off of retirement money.  But there are things happening behind the scenes in our personal business venture which could change that — hopefully very soon, perhaps in the next week or so, Lord willing.  In the meantime, we’re holding on to our faith, we’re putting our trust out there for anyone to see who’s willing to look.

That trust has been tested at times in the past week.  I did something last Saturday that was a show of “stepping out in faith,” as I helped someone who said they were in desperate need and gave them everything I had at that moment in time.  I’m not looking for compliments or praise for that here, I’m just giving an honest example of what “stepping out in faith” can involve.

“I’m stepping out in faith here,” I said as my thoughts and eyes went up to the sky, knowing that I had just done something that I can’t really afford to do myself.

Later on — a few days later — there was a time when my lovely wife Amy started to worry about our finances and whether they might be dwindling too fast.  I reminded her to put her fears in the hands of the one who can handle all of that, much more than we can ourselves.

Ya know what happened right after that exchange, that very afternoon?  The mail came, and in it was a “financial boost” that I wasn’t expecting at all.  It was a fair-sized “boost” too, enough to make Amy realize, “Yep, that’s another sign.  He is with us!”

“What’d I tell ya?” I answered.

I’m not making this up.

When I listen to anything on the radio these days, it’s about 98% of the time spent listening to the K-Love contemporary Christian radio network.  Although we’ve listened to it off and on before, it’s been there for me and my family for months, on a daily basis, since my journey into the “land of the jobless” began and my family’s security was threatened.

It’s paid off in ways that I can’t even begin to adequately describe.  So now, on my Sabbath day playlists, you’ll get some of the music heard on K-Love that’s lifted us up for the week.

Today, it’s all about “holding on to Him,” trusting Him to not let us lose our way, to follow His directions.  Because, “even when the rain falls, even when the flood starts rising, even when the storm comes,” He is with us, always.  All we have to do is ask for Him to lift us above those flood waters.

It’s all a matter of trust.


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