We’ve had the darnedest luck with can openers lately.  Whether it’s the old-fashioned, hand-cranked can openers or the electric ones — well, they just don’t seem to last long.

Why is that?  When I buy these things, I try not to look for the absolute cheapest ones I can find.  The electric can opener we have now is one that we haven’t had all THAT long, maybe less than a year.  It’s by a well-known brand name in the world of power tools, not just kitchen appliances.  And it’s turning into a piece of junk.

Why is that?  We try to keep these things clean, well-maintained.  And they “peter out” well before you’d think their time should come to retire them.

Is it — dare I say it??? darn right I dare say it!!! — because of an “anti-union” thing?  You know, beat the unions back by shipping manufacturing work overseas where the materials AND the labor are cheaper, making it better for the stockholders AND the consumers by creating better corporate profits and lower prices for the consumer?

To hell with the words “workmanship” and “craftsmanship.”  Not that all foreign workers don’t believe in those things themselves, but if it’s the cheapest labor and materials you can find, well …

Yeah, because we all know how crooked the unions are and how the unions drive up prices on all the goods we buy and how unions have WAY TOO MUCH INFLUENCE IN POLITICS … right?  RIGHT???

Well, all I know right now is that I might be able to get a well-known, brand-name, high-quality electric can opener that was manufactured in some foreign country at a relatively inexpensive price, but if I have to keep buying a new one on a yearly basis, at LEAST, when these things USED TO LAST WHAT SEEMED LIKE FOREVER … where’s the real savings?

Is it just me, or is there a real lack of some common sense somewhere along these assembly lines?

All I know is that when it takes me a good five minutes to open up a can of pineapple tidbits because the opener just struggles to do the job, something’s wrong with the picture.

And maybe that’s why a Chrysler (yeah, I know, owned by Fiat, a foreign company, but MADE IN DETROIT) commercial featuring Clint Eastwood at halftime of yesterday’s Super Bowl struck such a chord with me.  I know Clint Eastwood’s politics, and there’s some of it I don’t agree with.  But there was nothing in this ad that was political in a blatant fashion.

It talked about the need for a comeback when it comes to American manufacturing.  And it hit the nail RIGHT ON THE HEAD!  This isn’t left vs. right, Democrat vs. Republican, let’s-get-my-candidate-elected-or-reelected.  It’s right, smack-dab down the middle, LET’S PUT ASIDE OUR PETTINESS IN THIS NATION AND FIX THIS OPEN, FESTERING SORE THAT PLAGUES US ALL!

I’ve already seen online comments on this ad made in a few places, with people saying, “Yeah!  We need to get rid of Obama!  That’s what it’s saying!  USA!  USA!  NO OBAMAHYAY!”  Well, these people must have missed the part where Clint Eastwood said we need to “pull together,” and “stop the finger-pointing.”  These people need to face the facts, or we are doomed as one nation, under God, INDIVISIBLE!

We’re already way too divided.  And it’s destroying us.  And the chasm is getting wider and deeper.

If you missed it and haven’t seen it yet, here’s Clint with THE BEST Super Bowl ad of the entire day …

Chew on that, America!


3 thoughts on “A lesson to be learned … from can openers?

  1. Love it! What a simple tool to highlight a big problem.
    I think I had one can opener for the entire time I raised my children. Have had one a year now the past 5 yrs or so. Junk. all junk. Doesn’t matter if purchased from a dollar store or a dept. store.
    Even big ticket items like washers and dryers, refrigerators do not last a couple of decades like they used to.
    Good luck with your job searching and life living!

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