New York Giants logo

In honor of the greatest Super Bowl game ever played, here’s a simple look at some songs that show the glory that comes with being a champion.  It’s about that feeling of utter celebration.  It’s that thrill of victory, and that agony of defeat.  It’s about getting knocked down, but getting right back up in that saddle and riding on, rising from the ashes like a firebird and “going for the one.”  It’s about teamwork, the satisfaction of pulling together as a team — win or lose — and knowing that you gave it your ABSOLUTE BEST.

New England Patriots logo

And this one goes out to BOTH the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.  The Giants may have come out on top again, but the Patriots gave it their all … right down to the very last play.

That’s what true champions are made of.

Oh, by the way, some of the songs here — truth be known, I used to play them when I’d coach youth football as a motivational tool.  It worked.  Yes, indeed, it worked!


5 thoughts on “My music playlist for today (February 6, 2012 edition)

  1. Nice clips John.

    Question:have you heared(do you own?) Talk Talk’s cd Spirit of Eden?.I ask because i bought Spirit of Eden and Talk Talk’s last recording,Laughing Stock, based on the post rock thread in PE recently.

    I am totally knocked on my ass by both cds, especially Spirit of Eden.It’s been a while since i was so impressed with a “rock” cd.

    Check out some Youtube clips from Spirit of Eden.I wouldn’t be surprised if they make you run out and buy the cd.It’s that good,imo.

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