Karl Rove is a tool in search of a box.

Leave it to one of the modern “kings of political sleaze” to whine about Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl halftime ad for Chrysler the day after it aired.  How many other talking heads whined about it that I haven’t seen or heard about yet?

My mind is racing just thinking about it.

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But there it was, right there in Politico on Monday, for any of that website’s viewers to see and shed a few tears about, the quote coming directly from Politico:

“The leadership of the auto companies feel they need to do something to repay their political patrons,” Rove, who claimed to be a “huge fan” of Eastwood, said on Fox News. “They’re saying to themselves look, the president bailed us out, rather than making us go through the normal bankruptcy, he bailed us out. … Of course they’re going to repay political patrons. I was frankly offended by it.”

So, Karl Rove was “offended” by a statement that, I personally felt (but apparently other bloggers didn’t), was centrist in any political statement it was purported to make.

Karl Rove is offended.  That’s kind of like saying a fox should be offended if it goes up to a chicken coop and finds the hens inside holding up protest signs saying, “MR. FOX, WE HAVE DECIDED WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE YOUR PREYING ON US ANY LONGER.  CEASE AND DESIST!!”

As opposed to other bloggers, I didn’t see it as an endorsement of President Obama, but rather that this nation needs to pull together to fix its problems and stop dividing itself so much based on party lines.

But that’s impossible for folks like Karl Rove and Fox News to do.  After all, they helped write the textbooks on divisions along party lines.  And look at the mess it’s gotten us into.

Clint Eastwood ("Letters from Iwo Jima&qu...
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And that’s all Clint Eastwood’s commercial was really saying.  We can over-analyze this ’til the cows come home, but that’s really all it was saying.


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