I guess I’ve been in a Michigan state of mind here for the last couple of days.  Maybe it has to do with that two-minute Chrysler ad from the Super Bowl that talked about Detroit that’s gotten a fair amount of national attention, but I’m sticking with Michigan today.

Caught in the Act (Grand Funk Railroad album)
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No, there will be no Bob Seger here, at least not this time.  Today, it’s that good-time band from Flint that caused a bit of a stir on a national level themselves when I was a kid back in the ’70s — Grand Funk Railroad.

There was absolutely nothing complex about Grand Funk.  They were just a straight-ahead, grind-it-out rock-and-roll band with Mark Farner crunching it out on guitar and hitting all the right touches on vocals; Don Brewer pounding it out on drums like a wild man and belting out some gutsy vocals himself; Mel Schacher giving solid bass lines; and Craig Frost adding the frosting on the funky cake with his keyboard playing.

They were truly an American band, still fondly remembered today in their current incarnation.  And while the hits were great, it was their deeper tracks from their most glorious days that hit like a Grand Funk locomotive.


5 thoughts on “My music playlist for today (February 7, 2012 edition)

  1. John,you should check out Klonk’s music clip in the Basement pm on PE.It’s by a group called Doves, the tune is Rise,and it blew my little brains out the first time i played it this morning.I went right to Amazon’s site and ordered the cd.

    When a pop tune burrows into my brain the way this Doves tune did,it’s good times.

    Wonderful music, imo.Give it a listen, if you find the time.-Walt

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