This is a hard thing to write.  But I have to write it, and there will be more difficult things to write than this coming up in the future so I may as well get used to it.

My daughter Alicia Rose, “My Cinderella,” turned 13 years old this morning.  My little girl is now a teenager, and certainly not so little any more.  This is just the beginning for her.

I have many reasons to be proud of Alicia.  She has so many wonderful qualities about her, it’s hard to list them all.  But here are a few:  courageous (how many people — even adults — would have the courage to stand on the back of a horse like Alicia did in the photo here?); wise for her years; compassionate; strong (she packs a nice punch, just like her lovely Mom, so any guys wanting to take advantage of her had better watch out … just warnin’ ya!); tender-hearted; loving; lovely (like her Mom); smart; musical; funny; athletic; talented; logical; friendly (you should see how easy it is for her to make friends, and how many people — young and older — want so much to be her friend); loyal … like I said, the list could go on for pages.

I have three children.  Alicia has two older brothers, the next closest being almost six years older than her.  Alicia was not originally a part of our “family plan,” but she was an important part of someone else’s plan for us.  A very important part.  I don’t love Alicia any more or any less than any of my sons, but there is definitely a very special relationship between a father and his daughter that goes beyond measure, beyond any human words.  I came to realize that the moment she came out of the womb, 13 years ago today.  And the bond only gets stronger as time goes on.  She gives me a lift with her smile and her hugs.  She makes me laugh with her extreme wackiness.  She is one of the best daughters and best friends a father could ever hope to have.  I cherish the time I get to spend with her … every possible moment.

Yes, there will be more difficult things in Alicia’s future that I will have to write about … first date, first true love, a wedding.  So that’s why I’m making the most of the time I can have with her now.

Because, as I shared in my blog from a special moment with Alicia back in November, there will be a time when “my Cinderella” will be … gone.

Alicia and friends swimming in Utah Lake

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