From the “outer reaches” of comes a recommendation from John Battema, who’s done a bit of original music recording himself (check out his website here).

But Virginia John wasn’t recommending his own stuff in this case.  No, Battema was pumped about the “post-rock” music of Epic45, and I can see why.

“(It’s) Somewhat of a cross between Talk Talk, Anthony Phillips and subtle glitch electronica,” Battema said.

I’d add the word “atmospheric” to the list.  And, like the music of Jean-Michel Jarre that I’ve featured here already, I like “atmospheric.”


11 thoughts on “My music playlist for today (February 10, 2012)

  1. Howdy pardner.Some new post rock tunage for yer consideration.The group is (was) called Gastr del Sol,this track is called Mouth Canyon.It’s has some attractive steel geetar and some evocative singing and a ” high lonesome sound” to it.Check it out cowboy.


      1. John,i was concerned that my link to the Youtube clip of Mouth Canyon wouldn’t work.Lemme know if it didn’t work and i’ll post it in the Basement pm on PE.-Later Gator-Walt

      2. Walt, the only reason why it won’t work here is because posting links to youtube here is different than posting them on PE. Here, you don’t need to put in the [YT]part of a link[/YT]. You just post the link, or grab the embed code and paste it if you know how to find that on the videos and the embed code is enabled on youtube. Not all of them are enabled.

        Wow, if even a cowboy knows that … 😉

      3. Gol dang it John,us urban cowboys don’t know squat ’bout nothing except which subway train to take.Let’s see if this works.lemme know if this works.


  2. Nope, Walt, you either post THE FULL LINK …

    Or you try to embed it, by looking for a “Share” button in youtube below the video and clicking on it, looking for an “Embed” button next to a link and clicking on “Embed,” and then it comes up with highlighted Embedding code. You copy the embedding code, and paste it … let me try it here:

      1. Whew.That was embarrasing.I like to think i’m not a total idiot.Just a partial idiot,especially when it comes to even the simplest technical matters.

        Main thing is you can check out the clip.At last.I hope.

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