Beeeehhhaaaaaaaave yourself, Andrew Breitbart!

I just love Andrew Breitbart.  He’s always good for some weird material.

Andrew Breitbart

What other person could have someone like the muckraking “journalist” punk James O’Keefe do his dirty work for him, only to have Breitbart turn around and throw O’Keefe “under the bus” and disavow any association with him when it turned out that the boy didn’t exactly tell the straight story.

Why should that concern Breitbart so much?  Whether it’s at,, Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Peace, Big Piece of Dog Doodoo, Big Hunk of Lyin’ Garbage, Big Sack of Rubbish, Big Pile of Moldy Food in the Conservative Fridge,  Big Turkey That Went Bad and Now Carries the Threat of Food Poisoning, or whatever “big” website or “big” book or “big” Fox News show he’s associated with that’s made him lots of money, Breitbart’s never been one to let the absolute truth stand in the way of pushing some twisted bit of propaganda.  Why should he care?  Stretching the truth and just plain fabricating stuff has made him a wealthy man!

But, hey, he’s one of the leading voices in the conservative movement today, isn’t he?  Lots of people out there respect his opinion.  They believe Breitbart, no matter what spouts from his mouth or his websites or his books.  After all, he was ONCE AN EDITOR AT THE DRUDGE REPORT!  That makes him totally legitimate!


So when Breitbart chooses to try and shout down a bunch of Occupy protesters by just yelling stuff like “Behave!  Behave!” and “Stop raping people!  Stop raping people!” and calling them “filthy freaks,” there’s got to be some truth to it … right?  He’s got evidence to back up this stuff … right?  Andrew Breitbart knows all about how to behave … right?

This is the face and the voice of conservative reason in America today, folks!  Isn’t this just the loveliest person you’d ever want to find this side of Mother Teresa?

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