Nothing controversial here from me today.  No, I’m not going to spoil my lovely wife Amy’s birthday today with any heated discussion along political lines (although she does get a kick out of it when I do that and yet try to keep some humor in it).

Amy and her red border collie cross "Buster"

So, here it goes:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY!!  FROM YOUR BIGGEST FAN, MARLA!!!  Ooops, I mean, JOHN!!!

You were a gift to me the day you were born all those years ago.  You could have been taken from me the day you were kicked in the head by a horse when you were 2 years old, but there was a plan for you, a purpose.  And there was a plan — a purpose — for me.  There was a plan for you and me together.  Someone knew I’d need a partner like you at some point in my life, just as they knew you’d need a partner like me in yours.

I asked for someone like you, late one night when I was all on my own, and you came to me soon after.  That was my gift … it was you.

You are such a sweet, gentle, caring, compassionate, talented lady.  I want the world to know just how good your singing voice is, so I can make that one of my greatest gifts to you.  You are among those “unknown talents” that the world needs to hear, without the “aid” of Simon Cowell.  And you can get there, if you just believe … in yourself.

Keep building up that self-confidence, Amy!  That would be a lovely birthday gift, from you to me.

So, there it is.  Short and sweet!  JUST LIKE YOU!

At last …


2 thoughts on “Happy birthday to my lady!

  1. John, please give my sincere wishes for a Happy Birthday to your lovely wife.I haven’t met either of you good people(yet),but i feel confident in saying that your wife must be the most wonderful,patient of people just to put up with you over the years(smile).

    Have a great day Amy Miller.

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