Blogging’s a fascinating game.  My blog was brought into Tom Tancredo’s blog again Wednesday, this time over a different topic than “The Day The Music Died.”  This time, it was tied to my blog a few days ago on Andrew Breitbart’s YouTube video where he’s screaming endlessly at Occupy protesters.

Getting confused?  Let me put up some links to the blog posts involved.  And it all surrounds one day, Monday … which turned out to be ONE OF THE MOST EPIC DAYS IN THE BRIEF HISTORY OF “A VIEW FROM THE MIDDLE (CLASS)” thank you very much!

Andrew Breitbart

First, there was the Andrew Breitbart video that I put up on Monday morning:

Beeeeeeeehhhaaaaaaaave yourself, Andrew Breitbart!!!

And then there was the part about former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo (also a 2007 Republican presidential candidate) using a music playlist blog post of mine that was as innocent as can be yet was referenced by Tancredo’s blog in a post that talked about how sinister the Occupy Chicago movement is about to become, and a brief “blog war” ensued:

Hell hath no fury like a middle-classer riled up!!!

Tuesday night, I saw that yet another blog referenced my post on Breitbart’s video, and it contained a fascinating video that I had yet to see until then in which Breitbart “explained” his actions to Cenk Uygur on Current TV for why he was screaming at the Occupy protesters:

Breitbart:  It’s OK to smear Occupy because Tea Party has been

That video is here:

Tom Tancredo

AND THHHHEEEENNNNN, I got a notification this morning that my blog was referenced by Mr. Tancredo/Marla AGAIN on the Breitbart debacle, telling how Breitbart “wiped the floor” with the Current TV show host of The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur.  I couldn’t let that go this morning without my own little “comment.”

Tancredo blog:  Breitbart “wipes the floor” with Current TV host

As Mr. Uygur so nicely pointed out to Mr. Breitbart — who’s claimed that any bad things happening in the Occupy protests haven’t been covered in the media (when they have, they just haven’t necessarily been instigated by Occupy protesters themselves) — there has been coverage of problems Occupy protests have run into in the “mainstream media (and what is that anymore anyway?  Can you answer that for me, Sarah Palin?)”

Cenk Uygur

So Mr. Breitbart was left to be his usual childish self in his responses to Mr. Uygur, and Tom Tancredo’s bunch thinks that’s “wiping the floor” with Mr. Uygur.  To Mr. Uygur’s credit, he wasn’t backing down from Mr. Breitbart’s bull that I could see.  And all Mr. Breitbart was saying was that “two wrongs DO make a right!”

That’s the mature approach, isn’t it?  That’s Andrew Breitbart.  And he was “wiping the floor” with Cenk Uygur.


How do all these blog posts get linked together?  I don’t know the exact programming science behind it, but there’s like some “magic wand” that looks for tags and keywords and names and astrological signs and your first pet’s name and … no, not really on those last couple of things.  But I can tell you that it’s pretty powerful stuff, and if it can get my views out there among the Tancredos and the Breitbarts of the world, hey … more power to it.

And I meant it when I said the other night that “I fear no man,” I don’t care if it’s a former presidential candidate or who it is.  I’m really not trying to brag, I’m just telling you who and how I am.  A middle-classer who’s fed up with the back-biting and hypocrisy and spin-making and treadmill running that takes place in our current political climate that’s getting us absolutely nowhere.

It’s the same approach that I took in my last newspaper job, when I was managing editor of a small Idaho daily.  It all brings back memories of a day when I was in a room filled with supporters of Bo Gritz (rhymes with “rights”), a highly decorated Green Beret and far-right-wing Populist Party presidential candidate in 1992.

Bo Gritz

Gritz was there to sell his books and audio cassettes to everyone in the room, but along the way he gave the impression that he was serious about his run for President of the United States while he was making some extra cash.  He spoke for about half an hour about how corrupt our nation’s government is, how there’s conspiracy at every level of government in our nation, and on and on and on.  It was what everyone in his audience wanted to hear.

But I knew better.

I have an uncle who served in the military in Vietnam with Bo Gritz, and his rank is right up there with Bo Gritz.  My uncle knows him well.  To Bo, it’s really “all about Bo.”  Right down to the photographs of him with his jacket weighed down with ALL of his medals.  It’s more like “showing off.”

That’s not me talking.  That’s the military uncle talking.  That’s not assumptions by me, that’s military experience.  Oh, and let me also mention that this uncle of mine is VERY CONSERVATIVE in his political views.

I sat through that rally Bo Gritz put on, and when it came time for questions and answers, I was the first to raise my hand, sitting on the far right of the front row of many rows of chairs.  Bo pointed to me.  My question was short and sweet.  I still remember every word that I asked to the colonel.

“So, are you saying that the Supreme Court of the United States is full of bull?”

Gritz danced around the question, and went to others.  I had more questions.  I kept raising my hand to ask them.  Col. Gritz never did get back to me.  Someone in the audience noticed that and wrote to me soon after, telling me how “rude” it was of the colonel to blow off my questioning.

Again, Col. Gritz was a Green Beret.  He has honestly claimed that the movie character “Rambo” was patterned after him.  I didn’t back down from asking Col. Gritz tough questions and expecting a logical, straight-forward answer.  That’s how I was trained, as an old-school journalist.

If I wasn’t afraid to go against Bo Gritz, why should I be afraid of someone like Tom Tancredo … or especially Andrew Breitbart?  And if anyone wants to “test” things out, I do have some very solid legal connections who do their jobs very well.  So (watch for the hint here) … Forget aBout It!!!

Yeah, this blogging stuff does bring back some very fond memories for me, times when I’d get a pure adrenaline rush just trying to cut through people’s baloney, whether it came from the left or the right, conservative or liberal.

Because all this nonsense of left vs. right, conservative vs. liberal, just get elected, AND NO COMPROMISE OR ELSE YOU’RE NOT A TRUE AMERICAN — it’s really just leading us … nowhere.  Led by people who are real … nowhere men (and women).


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