My “birthday music playlist” from last Friday on the direction the music of The Beatles pointed me in as a child could not be left there without giving a hint as to the kind of influence their music had on such a variety of other musicians, known worldwide.

Did you happen to miss my “birthday music playlist” blog post from last Friday?  Well, it’s here again below:

A music playlist for my 51st birthday

There will be some “cover versions” of Beatles songs here that most people are familiar with.  But, then, there will be others that some people may never have heard in their lives.  For instance, how many people even know who Lenny White is when they hear him and his group of friends play through a funkified version of “Lady Madonna?”

I’ll give you the answer:  Lenny White is a brilliant drummer who mostly made a name for himself with the jazz-fusion group Return To Forever who once set the jazz-fusion-loving world on fire.

And how many people know that before a singer named Steve came along that Journey did a rip-roaring cover of “It’s All Too Much” that I ALMOST prefer more than the original?  Almost.

Here we go, with just A FEW of my favorite Beatles covers …

Click here for a fantastic, jazzy rendition of “Oh Darling” on YouTube


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