Getting back a bit more to some of the recommendations received from the “outer reaches” of, I’m going “across the pond” to England, to where my profound online friend Mark Bailey — a teaching fellow at London’s UCL in international relations who goes by the ID “kid_runningfox” on ProgressiveEars– has suggested a gentleman named Gordon Giltrap.

Gordon Giltrap

Gordon is a pretty amazing guitar player — which is high praise coming from Mark, seeing as how he plays a mean acoustic fretboard himself, has done some performing on the stages of Britain both in a band called Vietgrove and as a solo performer, and is working on putting together some videos for me to use of his own playing for a future “playlist.”

But this playlist is about Gordon Giltrap, and Gordon works the acoustic like a true artist.  One thing that makes him amazing is that, since he started playing guitar at age 12, he’s never received formal training on the instrument.  That’s forced him to develop his own style and technique, making him a highly unique player.

Gordon’s discography is tremendous, he is a prolific songwriter, starting with albums dating back to 1968 and lasting through today, still very active.  He’s done folk, he’s done rock, he’s done orchestral.

As you can see, his playing literally speaks for himself.

Now, the same song, but with Queen’s Brian May on guitar, also featuring Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman from Yes …


3 thoughts on “My music playlist for today (February 20, 2012 edition)

  1. Good morning John.Just wanted to send you some more good tunage.This is from Jack Bruce’s first solo record,Songs For A Tailor,and the tune is Theme From An Imaginary Western.The cd is well worth checking out,as is this tune.Enjoy-Walt

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