Remember how I was saying in my big schpiel in that “The Church of Music, Part 3” blog post from this past Sunday that I’d keep this blog ad-free as long as I could, so as not to have any advertisers dictating to me what I can and can’t or should and shouldn’t write and publish?

Well, apparently I lied.  But it wasn’t intentional.  I didn’t go looking for ads for my blog.  It appears the ads found their way to my blog.  And, well, if the featured advertisers don’t like what I have to say, hey … TOUGH NOOGIES!!!

I’m not sure exactly when or how this advertising started on my blog, but my lovely wife alerted me to the fact that ads had started to appear on the very bottom of individual blog posts (they don’t appear on my home page) later on Monday night after I’d already gone to bed early with a nagging headache.  I’m suspecting that they started appearing because of a website called SocialSpark that I was alerted to by a local news story about blogging that I watched about the time I started this blog on November 10 last year.

I signed up with SocialSpark not long after my blog launched, figuring “What the heck, if I can’t find something in my job search for a while, maybe I can make some change through ads on my blog.”  I put in my request, and soon got a response back from them saying, “Sorry, your blog needs to be at least three months old before we can take an honest look at any advertising.”

And apparently this place looks for good, unique blog content as well.  I can’t see the ads on my blog myself, apparently the blog’s administrator doesn’t count when it comes to ads being displayed.  But, sure enough, when my lovely wife is looking at individual blog posts, there they are, right around the bottom.  And we’re not talking about fly-by-night companies advertising here either, we’re talking some big names.

Bigger than the names advertising on former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo’s blog!  Ooooooohhhhhh, did I just get in one more dig at Mr. Tancredo/Marla?  Yes, I do believe I just did!

The funny thing about these ads is that I haven’t lifted a finger to sell any of them myself, it’s apparently all been done for me.  And, hey, if you happen to click on any of them, that’s all the more better for me and my bank account!


In all honesty, I’ve had a bit of hesitancy about ads appearing on my blog because advertisers themselves can be a demanding bunch.  It’s a personal experience that goes all the way back to my radio disc jockey days at the age of 18, when local advertisers seemed to hold more power over what songs did or didn’t get played based on any hint of controversial content, and despite heavy listener requests there were certain songs that just didn’t get played because of that advertiser pressure.

That always seemed like the tail wagging the dog to me.  And I got fired for saying so.  I could tell similar stories about my latter days in the newspaper business as well.  You’d be amazed at how much power the advertising world has over editorial content in the media today.

Let me say one thing here and now, because this blog is my baby and it consists of a staff of one: me, myself, and I.  I write the posts, I edit and proofread the posts (not always perfectly, but I try to be as perfect with my editing and proofreading as I can), I either take the photos myself or I find them somewhere myself.  And from day one, this blog has always been about brutal honesty and — at times — humor, faith, love, patriotism, etc.  But I have always spoken from the heart here, and that’s one thing that won’t change — ads or no ads.

If advertisers don’t like that, they can advertise somewhere else.  But they’d be stupid if they did.  Because I believe people want what I can give them — honesty.

And you thought Glenn Beck was the only one to give you that, right?  Hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa!!!


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