This is all just a bit too exciting for me, at least.  Tomorrow is “the big day” for a bunch of people split up physically between myself in Utah as a “wrangler,” and some good friends — old and new — and great musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In hearts and minds, we’re very close together.

Baron Chase

My stomach is feeling some fluttering of “butterflies” just thinking about it as I write this.  Just like it was back on New Year’s Eve when many of these same people got together and took part in a BIG 52nd birthday jam for my old college roommate, “soul brother,” and longtime popular Bay Area bassist Baron Chase (music director of the Lester Chambers Blues Revue), right there in the family room of Baron’s modest home.

And they ended up blowing me away with their skill, their talent, their passion for music, and their friendliness — each and every one of them.  I’ve made some VERY GOOD long-distance friends ever since I flew to the Bay Area to start this year, which has led me to some very good friendships online with “friends of my friends” on Facebook.  So many people who are “friends of my friends” on Facebook have inspired me, encouraged me, and wished me well.  I cherish this experience deeply.

It has been so cool thus far, and this is just a beginning.

We’re one day closer to the first brick of a foundation being laid for something potentially very beneficial to a lot of people, getting some highly talented people’s names out there for anyone in the world to see and hear  — and one of the coolest things is that they’re not big stars, they’re just “everyday people,” just like you and me.

We’re talking about a group of people with great gifts for music, all getting together in a music studio in northern California to just relax and have fun, playing some good ol’ rock, blues, soul, who knows what else — maybe even a hint of jazz.

Nothing too complex.  There’s really no deep spiritual meaning behind this show coming up (and if I’ve blended my separate but parallel personal “movements” together these past few weeks and caused some confusion between my actual church and this “Church of Music” I’ve been talking about for a couple of weeks now, you’ll have to forgive me, the timing is just equal and the excitement to me is equal as well).

Tomorrow night’s show featuring Lester Chambers and his Blues Revue is all just about a bunch of cool musicians and friends getting together in California, sharing some good times and some great older music, all of it online with other friends from across the country and, potentially, around the world.  I know I’ve personally invited people to see it from as far away as Norway and London.  That’s the power of the worldwide web, and how it can bring people a world apart just that much closer together.

And that’s the power of music.

I’m not going to try and dazzle you all here with deep, analytical words.  I just hope y’all have fun and enjoy the show, that’s all.  Today will be my last time promoting it “pre-show,” I’ll be a bit busy before the show itself on Saturday with some other totally separate pressing “needs” … as you’ll be able to read about on Sunday.  So, again … “stay tuned” on Sunday.

But, for now, as the show approaches and the band prepares to literally ROCK THE HOUSE, here’s another opportunity in the link below to get your pre-show tickets, or get them right up to show time (pay as much or as little as you can, and feel free to “tip” the musicians during the show itself).

TICKETS:  Lester Chambers Blues Revue, LIVE ONLINE FROM CALIFORNIA TO YOUR COMPUTER VIA STAGEIT.COM, Saturday, February 25, at 6 p.m. Pacific Time

And, to help get everyone into the “vibe” of this “show of friends,” here’s a special “playlist” of mine (not necessarily representing what’s going to be played during the show, mind you, but you never know) …


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