Anyone want to come out this afternoon around 1 p.m. to Pioneer Park in downtown Salt Lake City and help the Wasatch Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church out with its Inner-city Outreach (ICOR) ministry, and serve the homeless from your heart?  We may be able to use that kind of help today.

Oh, there will be caring people out there from our church. Our “fearless ICOR leader,” Steve Binder, will be out today, and it will be up to more experienced hands like Susan Gibbs and myself to ensure that today’s outing carries on without a hitch.  The more caring hands we can get, the merrier.

Sifting through the used clothing bins (Photo By John G. Miller)

As I’ve explained in this blog before, ICOR is one of the many extremely worthy ministries we have at Wasatch Hills that’s truly had a grip on my heart for several years now.  For me, it started one day when I decided I wanted to use my photography skills to try and capture what it’s like to be homeless.  My thinking was, “I should do something to bring attention to their plight.  What if that were me and my family in their shoes someday?”  One of the very first photos I took that very first time appears here.  It was taken so many years ago that it was shot with one of those old-fashioned cameras that actually uses FILM instead of that new-fangled digital stuff.

I don’t know if there has been a single ICOR outing through the years I’ve been trying to help in some way that hasn’t left me with some kind of experience that’s touched my heart and made me realize how truly blessed I am to have a home and my family and warm food and clothing.

Yet my family’s experience with unemployment and making every dollar stretch while trying to keep a roof over our heads OVER THE PAST FOUR MONTHS NOW has also served to help me to realize how truly close each one of us could be to finding ourselves standing in line behind that ICOR truck on a cold, wintry early afternoon.  THAT CLOSE.

All of us should feel blessed.  And I will never forget “Uncle Buck” from our last ICOR outing in January.  If you haven’t “met Uncle Buck” yet, click on the link below to do it now.


“Uncle Buck” felt blessed.  We should all feel so blessed.


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