Ali Farka Toure

Okay, I’m going to get back now to some recommendations on music I’ve never heard before from friends from the “outer reaches” over at  Today, it’s my good friend and frequent blog post commenter from New York City, Walt Mattes.

Walt has suggested some very cool tunes to me — so much that it’s been hard to find the right time to put them in.  But today, I’m going with some of the most unique music I’ve ever heard.  It’s the West African blues of Ali Farka Touré, and it’s some amazing music.

There is world music, and then there is WORLD MUSIC.  And when Ali Farka Toure is compared to American blues legend John Lee Hooker, well … try wrapping your brain around that after giving this a listen and keeping in mind what American blues sounds like.

Give this music a whirl!  It caught my ear right away!


One thought on “My music playlist for today (February 27, 2012 edition)

  1. Glad you dig the music John.One more Ali Farka Toure track for your listening pleasure, this one is a rare instrumental,again, like Yenna, from his cd The Source.Enjoy..

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