A funny thing happened on Sunday as I was taking a shot at doing some simple freelance photography of a charter school building not terribly far from our home — you know, trying to earn a little extra money.

It turned out that the building didn’t know it was supposed to face more into the sunlight.

Yep, that's me standing at Bodega Bay in Northern California. (Photo courtesy S Eve Jaskot)

Now, I might not have the absolute greatest camera equipment in the world, but our digital is a pretty smart, fool-proof one.  It can take shadows and lighten them up quite nicely automatically, well enough to make out details of a sign on a school building when its entryway is on the wrong side of the winter morning sun.  So, I went out Sunday thinking the school building photo shoot would be a piece of cake, and some easy money would be mine.

I walked all around that building, looking at it from every angle, and took what I thought were some decent shots — suitable for a website and some promotional brochures.  I came back, uploaded between 20-30 photos to my laptop, weeded out a few, and emailed them to our niece in Boise whose boss was looking for them from a photographer in this area.

Our niece wanted to give us a shot at some extra money by giving me a shot at being that photographer.

A shadowy school (Photo by John G. Miller)

But, seeing as how the entryway to the building is on the north side of the building and the morning sun is on the south side of the building (darn that winter solstice!), the boss decided there were “just too many shadows.”  Where I saw nice contrast and a clearly visible sign with some cool, white clouds against a light blue sky, someone else saw too much shadow.

One door opens and closes, while another door or two remains open in my life.

Oh well!  Earl Harris, I referred them to you, buddy!

I could get all down about it, but I choose not to.  I’ve got bigger and better things to do.  I don’t have time to be down about something like a shadowy school building!


3 thoughts on “Making all things beautiful

  1. Oh Darn! Well, at least you got your camera back in the mail, right ? and maybe they’ll use you another time? That sucks, you’d think they would ask you to take some other angles/shots.

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