I can’t put this off any longer.  My friend and VERY faithful blog follower, Eric Marvin, from the “outer reaches” of www.progressiveears.com has just been whining over there so much because I’ve hesitated to put in his music recommendations from me.  (And when I say he’s whining, he should know by now I’m “joshing” him, Eric’s a great guy … occasionally!)

Here’s the deal with Eric:  the dude is into this “screamo” stuff, so hard-core, and … well, I’m just not into it.  But that’s the thing you have to learn over at progressiveears — there are only a few thousand members there, from all around the world, and it’s like a big “town” all by itself.  There’s a saying there that I’ve seen ever since I was first recruited to join up at the site, and it’s “your mileage may vary,” or “YMMV” for short.

So many different people, so many different tastes, so many different opinions.  Yeah, just like a real-life “town.”

Some may like “screamo” like Eric, others (like me) may not (and, like me, think that it’s like listening to my lovely wife mixing up frozen fruit for smoothies along with banana and spinach and hemp seeds or some other ingredients for breakfast each morning … it just gets NOISY), but that’s the way of the world.

Bottom line is, I owe this to Eric.  After all, when I flew in to Oakland last December 30 to meet some new friends in person (and to meet Eric for the first time in person), he was the one who met me at the airport, he took me out to eat some GREAT Mexican food for lunch, he took me for a quick tour of the downtown San Francisco area to see the skyscraper canyons on the way to cross the Golden Gate bridge to the San Rafael area, and I got to meet his lovely wife and two gorgeous daughters.

I can honestly tell you that fine, businesslike, decent men with a beautiful family can actually dig “screamo!”

I guess one good thing about this “screamo” stuff is that you can’t really tell what it is that they’re “singing” about (although I do actually like some of the instrumentation).  And if there are any F-bombs in here, I’ll apologize in advance.  But I really can’t tell, and I don’t really want to look up any of the “lyrics.”  AND, ERIC, FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD, IF THERE ARE … DON’T TELL ME IN HERE, BUDDY!!!  THIS IS A FAMILY-FRIENDLY SHOW, DUDE!!!

Yeah, I can deal with it.  In my own way!!!


And am I missing any screaming in this one?

Oh well, I’ll still close with this …



3 thoughts on “My Leap Year February 29, 2012 music playlist

  1. I have to say, in my completely unbiased opinion, this is by far the best playlist you have posted to date! 😉

    ps – I love the Joise and the Pussycats and Partridge Family music as well!! Lori rocks the keyboard! Really!

    Thanks John and I promise not to whine any more. At least until I feel it is time to post another of my suggestions. 😛

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