Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart died very early this morning, and reports so far say it was from natural causes, at the relatively young age of 43.  First off, I wish no ill will toward anyone — ANYONE — and that includes people whom I might ferociously argue with.  That includes Andrew Breitbart.  My sympathies go out to his family.

Sarah Palin saw fit not long ago this morning to share her thoughts on Breitbart’s passing on her Facebook page.  Yes, I follow Sarah Palin on Facebook, have for years, NOT THAT I BELIEVE ANYTHING SHE HAS TO SAY ABOUT THE STATE OF OUR WORLD OR OUR NATION, I’M JUST CURIOUS IS ALL.

And, of course, she continued to beat the drum of “what’s right” and slam people who see things in any other direction other than “far right” as she talked about Breitbart’s sudden passing in her “sympathy note.”  Here’s her Facebook post here, so you don’t have to “subscribe” to her writing yourself.

“We are all stunned and saddened by the news of Andrew Breitbart’s passing. Andrew was a warrior who stood on the side of what was right. He defended what was right. He defended the defenseless.

“It is so sad to consider his four young children who have lost their dad. All our prayers are with his family now. May God comfort his wife and children.

“Many of us will have life-long memories of our work or encounters with Andrew. May we draw on those to help forward the cause of fighting for what is right. For me, just one of those memories was in Pella, Iowa, last year after the premier of ‘The Undefeated.’ Andrew held court in the restaurant at the local hotel talking about his favorite topic: how ‘culture is upstream of politics’ and how conservatives must be unafraid to fight the leftwing media, cultural, and political establishments. The loss of his voice in this fight will be deeply felt, but thankfully his work lives on at his ‘Bigs,’ and thank God for his inspiration and leadership.

“God bless you, Andrew. Rest in peace, friend. We will continue the fight.

– Sarah Palin”

Now, from me …

Dear Sarah Palin, would you please define “what’s right,” other than your political views?  And would you PUUUUUUHHHHHHHHLLLLLLEEEEEEEASE stop yapping about the “left-wing media” like the “right-wing media” never gets a say in anything?  Do me a favor, Sarah … go to my blog post on radio talk show host Randi Rhodes THAT APPEARED JUST THIS MORNING BEFORE I EVEN KNEW THAT ANDREW BREITBART HAD DIED, click on her web site, go to the “Affiliates” link, click on the map there — state by state — to see how many states DO NOT BROADCAST RANDI RHODES’ COMMON SENSE RADIO SHOW, and then try and tell me that the “left wing” controls the media.  Try saying something “constructive” once in a while instead of more “destructive” most of the time.

Of course, Sarah Palin won’t see my request to her.  I’m sure she’s too busy living in Alaska or Arizona with her celebrity status and her PAC money and thinking up her next book deal to pay attention to someone like l’il ol’ me.  So her mud-slinging and “you’re not a true American patriot if you don’t agree with me and my kind” brand of “patriotism” will undoubtedly continue.

She’ll continue to fight that fight, I’m sure of it.  She’ll undoubtedly fight it “to the death.”  Because that’s where this nation is right now — polar opposites, fighting “to the death.”  It’s like a modern Civil War.  No, I take that back.  I’ll go so far as to say IT IS A CIVIL WAR, RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW!  And is that what we really want?

Did we ever just think here lately of turning off the Becks and the Limbaughs and the Olbermanns and the O’Donnells who seem to get their blood pressure up a bit too high and just try something new and different for a change?

What would that be?  How about this:  “Come, let us reason together, no matter what our differences might be.  Let’s stop all the yelling and the ‘OBAMABOT’ and ‘Obama is the Messiah’ garbage and the personal attacks, and just start looking for and sharing FACTS and sharing them the best way that we know how … and working toward SOLUTIONS to our problems.”

Is that even possible any longer?  I’m not so sure.


3 thoughts on “Hello Sarah Palin, goodbye Andrew Breitbart

  1. “he defended the defenseless”…What in the name of all hell is she talkin’ about.?He “defended” powerful interests and right wing causes;hardly “defenseless” entities.

    Total nonsense on her part.

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